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Here you will find my highlights of my favorite kid products. You can see my video content in the “New Stuff” section of my site. Have a product in mind you want me to review? Let us know about it and it might be my next feature

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The Hottest new toys on the market

Cool Kid Approved Toys

I will go through the newest, hottest, kid toys on the market and rate them on a level from not-so-cool to the coolest.  I’m your in-depth evaluation expert when it comes to the cool factor in toys.

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Tech Gadgets for tech kids

Cool Gadgets Every Kid Wants

There are so many really cool gadgets on the market. I will go through them one-by-one, highlighting the features, functionality, and connectivity. From drones to science, to robots and beyond. These tech gadgets will blow your mind.

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Your favorite “New stuff” reviewed

Let’s Break It Down.

Every week, “New Stuff” hits the market for kids, but do we really even care? I will break new products for kids all the way down on my YouTube Channel and you can decide. Catch my new content under the “New Stuff” tab of my site.

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I am your in-depth expert when it comes to the cool factor of toys, gadgets, and the latest, most innovative kids products on the market!


Academic Based Kids Learning

Be Cool – Stay In School

I am a busy learner when it comes to numbers, but there are areas I could use some help! Why not make learning fun with these fun, cool, academic based learning products for kids? I’ll fill you in on exactly which new products will help you learn what you need to know to be a whiz-kid!

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